Saturday, February 20, 2010

American Alligator enrichment training

"Ally" loves her training sessions!

Ally, a 6 year old gator enjoys the enrichment program as much as I do!
This clip shows a small 'sequence' of commands that she loves to do.


Unknown said...

ahaha! Good Stuff, Soham. This was wonderful, the way you petted her right at the end takes the cake.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Chaithanya and i watched it, it's incredible....what fun! we loved the ending...petting a gator is like the ultimate sensuous experience i guess...well done! Khub i bhalo laglo.
THanks for sharing it buddy

Anonymous said...

Good yaar. Ur experience not only in Herpetology but also of BCA is put to use having created ur blogspot. When i forwarded ur link on youtube to my friends they exclaimed only one thing "awesome". Keep updating its enjoyable. Good. Keep smiling. From Umang.

Narayan Das Raman. said...

That's great Soham ! What's next ? Jumping through a ring of fire ?

Unknown said...

Doing great, Soham! It was thrilling to see you working with Ally when we were there. Great job.